Window Replacement & Repair Services | Exteriors Inc. in Vancouver, WA
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Window Replacement & Repair Services

Quality Window Replacement

New windows don’t just breathe new life into a room, upgrading your entire home can be a huge benefit to your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and your wallet. Exteriors Inc. bring you high-quality windows from the top names in the industry. We offer the window replacement for long-lasting quality.

Benefits of Vinyl Window Replacement

  • Energy Efficient, Saves on Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Reduce Outside Noise
  • Maintenance Free, Never Needs Paint or Stain
  • Won’t Warp, Rot, Chip or Peel
  • Wide Variety of Styles, Update the Look of Your Home
  • Measured to Fit Your Home, Easily and Quickly Installed

Our window replacement professionals care about the details. They are each hand-selected for their experience and commitment to excellent workmanship. We are happy to visit your home and listen to what you want to accomplish. We can go through catalogs and portfolios with you to help you come to a decision that meets all your needs.

Why Get a Window Replacement?

Improved Energy Efficiency

Window replacement with new energy-efficient panes, your HVAC and heating systems can utilize less energy to make up for the loss through your old glass. By using less energy, your home requires fewer natural resources in order to operate normally. This reduces your family’s carbon footprint and protects the environment.

New windows can lower your energy costs more than 25%, putting more money in your pocket for family vacations, home improvement projects, or that new flat screen TV you’ve always wanted. In fact, many reports state that replacement windows are among the 5 best home improvement projects for your money, with a 90% return on investment over the lifespan of the windows.

Possible tax rebates through state, federal, and local energy departments, providing a much-needed financial incentive to otherwise struggling middle-income American households. Combined with tax rebates, the energy savings alone can save the average American family hundreds of dollars on their energy bills each year!

Added Comfort

Tired of sitting next to that cold window in your favorite reading spot? Old windows fail not because of broken glass or cracks in the surface, but due to broken seals that allow air to pass through. To check if your window’s seal has failed, hold a match or a candle near the glass and watch the direction of the smoke. If it darts toward your window one or more spots, it’s time to replace the glass.

Energy efficient glass, when used in combination with other energy-saving methods, can increase the general warmth of your home by as much as 50%. Furthermore, your home will be more quiet and protected from outdoor noise pollution, helping you sleep better and rest easier in your own home.

Better Security

Burglars look for unprotected, weak, or old glass as ideal entry points in a home invasion. The older, weaker the glass looks, the bigger the target. New windows offer increased home security, as most available glass is tested for forced entry and impact in addition to being equipped with multiple locks on the mechanism.

Lower Maintenance

New glass comes with an added bonus: new frames! New window frames and sills are designed with aesthetics in mind, as vinyl frames never need to be painted from their original color and fiberglass frames require no maintenance over their lifespan. Additional reinforced stainless steel or die-cast zinc enclosures protect and secure the panes, protecting your glass from damage or forced entry.

Curb Appeal

A new guest sees three things when approaching your home for the first time: the door, the paint, and the window. If any of these three don’t meet or exceed expectations, they’ll be left with a negative overall opinion of your home. It’s just human nature. But improving your entryway and front-facing windows can actually have a beneficial impact on your home’s value, so if you’re considering selling and can’t seem to make any headway, replacing your windows may help attract a buyer.